News from the AWS world
As every month, the world of Amazon Web Services gets new products and features. This month we'd like to inform you about a new class of S3 Storage - Glacier Deep Archive - designed for storing large amounts of data similar to the "usual" Glacier but at 75% of the price and available within 12 hours; the Single Sign-On service expands its coverage to new regions; Open Distro for Elasticsearch, as the name suggests, combines Elsticsearch, a distributed and document-oriented search and analysis engine used for real-time log analysis and monitoring and Kibana, an advanced data visualization system, making them available in the form of RPM packages and Docker containers (it is not a fork of the two projects: the contributions are pushed on the upstream channel); RedShift now includes an automatic concurrence scaling function in the event of activity bursts; Direct Connect is updated with a new console that allows you to have services in different Regions (excluding China) and access them from a single point; the SNS notification service now includes 5 new languages, including Italian; regarding containers, we point out that EKS (Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes) supports Windows Server workloads, although in tech preview mode. The new Deep Learning Containers are containers with pre-installed applications for programmed learning activities (TensorFlow, Apache MXNet and PyTorch ).

News from the GCP world
Google too plays an important role in the cloud services market, and enriches its offer every month. This month we'd like to signal, in particular, a plugin for VMware vRealize Automation that allows you to manage and use GCP resources in a VMware environment, a course on Coursera on Site Reliability Engineering, the opening of a resource center for CI / CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery), Cloud KMS that allows you to create an encryption key management infrastructure, an SDK to connect IoT devices to the Google Cloud IoT Core service, Alooma, a company specialized in data migration, enters the Google world Cloud.
Finally, we highlight the opening of a Region in Zurich, the sixth in Europe and the 19th in the world.

AWS opens new region in Hong Kong
Amazon inaugurates a new region, number 21, for its Web Services, this time in Hong Kong.
The region is called Asia Pacific and has ap-east-1 code; is the eighth in the Pacific area: the others are Beijing, Mumbai, Ningxia, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. Most Amazon Web Services are available. Speaking of this area, a new region is being prepared in Indonesia in Jakarta; will consist, as always, of 3 Availability Zones.

Available Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for Data Management Solutions for Analytics
Gartner published the Magic Quadrant series report on Data Management for Analytics solutions; is available at this address.
The Leaders quadrant is occupied, among others, by Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Google and IBM; Huawei and Alibaba Cloud are positioned in that of the Niche Players

Microsoft opens its first data centers in Africa
Microsoft opens its first two data centers in Africa. For comparison, AWS will only open them next year and Google has no plans in this regard. The two data centers are in Cape Town and Johannesburg and host Azure services; in the third quarter of the year Office365 will be available and in the fourth also Dynamics365.

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