Seasons Greetings

This new issue, the twentieth, comes with the end of 2018 and Christmas holidays and somehow closes the first, initial cycle of the magazine, which made a long road in these three years spent together.

2018 has been the year of the GDPR for sure. The new regulation came into effect and affected the IT sector as a whole, from small SMBs to large multinationals as it required planning and developing a wide assortment of counter-measures. GURUadvisor has been tracking the phenomenon since the beginning and keeps doing it also with the valuable help of our attorney, who deals with the delicate matter of the Privacy by Design topic.

We at GURUadvisor are strongly believe that a conscious usage of IT tools comes from a proper knowledge and basic tuition, so we dedicated to articles to two new topics: GitLab and Ansible. This series will continue in the next issues.

We’d like to wish you a merry Christmas and a great New Year!

A last sprint before Summer

Summer holidays are getting closer and the GURU team is preparing to get its vacation time, hopefully well deserved.

We have crafted an issue with interesting content, starting with the column dedicated to Docker which covers storage and networking, going into deeper details of the technology.
After the impact of the new European regulation on privacy, the infamous GDPR, which we dedicated lots of space -and a cover as well- in the previous issues, we have done an on-the-field test of the tower server ML350 Gen9 by HPE. Gen10 is available too, yet Gen9 is still an high level product which is quite convenient provided configurations are not that extreme. A computer of this kind can be used in a SOHO environment where an Active Directory domain is required as per the GDPR compliance.

We took a look at the future with the Technical Preview of Windows Server 2019, which will be released by the end of the year and promises several improvements in terms of security, hybrid cloud, hyper-convergence and applications (the DevOps world related to containers).

But the article that got the cover of this issue is the one dedicated to a large comparative between Cloud Server services offered by the main national and international providers. We’ve tested in depth many services, not just to measure their performances, rather focusing on features and modalities offered: ease of use, interface, management and modification of instances, offerings, etc.. . The result is a very interesting comparison between big players like Google, Amazon and Microsoft, but also newer and “smaller” realities like DigitalOcean and Stellar.

So have a good read and enjoy your vacations!

GDPR is around the corner

It’s only a month before the new regulation on data protection goes into effect and this new issue of GURU advisor devotes the cover and a detailed article to one of the hottest topics of the moment.

Our lawyer has analyzed several aspects of the GDPR with the goal of providing us with a clear understanding of the fulfillments that will include in an extended and tangible all IT departments and consultants in Europe and most of the world.

As promised in the last issue, an article is devoted to two of the most spectacular and dramatic vulnerabilities of the last few decades: Meltdown and Spectre. We’ve recapped their history, characteristics and actual situation with a couple of remarks on the communication from vendors and manufacturers.

FreeNAS is an operating system we’ve been covering from a long ago, so we cover the new release that includes a new graphical user interface and interesting news under the hood, including several improvements and virtual machines management.

Docker and Container avid readers will like the second part of our introductional guide on the topic, which is about the first practical steps to create and use containers, while waiting for further articles about this new and apparently mysterious technology...

We are ready for another year together

Despite fewer issues of GURU advisor last year (and we are working to invert the tendency), we strive as always to produce quality content.

The first issue of 2018 covers one of the hottest topics of the IT world, that is, Docker and the whole containers ecosystem.
It’s really a vast topic with plenty of aspects that can’t be covered in a single article: therefore we are about to write a sort of column with different chapters, each one dedicated to a certain aspect of the matter, from the origin to the actual situation.

Windows and Windows Server are covered in two different articles about Project Honolulu and Chocolatey. These are two platforms conceived to work within a Windows environment that helps sysadmins a lot in a number of ways, from the installation of updates to the deployment of software packages and the management of whole clusters.

Have fun and may 2018 be a good year!

Focusing on Cloud

After the summer break and the updates from the recent VMworld in Barcelona, GURU advisor is back with a new issue, new columns and an update sysadmin’s glossary.

This fall issue focuses on Cloud services with an entire article about a comparison of products and providers for email solutions for business scenarios: we have crafted a comparative table with the two main providers -Microsoft and Google- and some competitors which include pricing, versions of the services and related products. We also talk about Stellar Cloud Servers, a 100% italian product for the outsourcing of IT infrastructures specifically conceived to offer scalability and Enterprise-grade reliability.

Then we introduce ZAP, an open source software by OWASP dedicated to penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, with a more technical article. ZAP is a very powerful tool that provides plenty of data and information regarding attack simulations and outcomes that can be hard to interpret, so it’s really suitable for pros only, yet it’s an interesting starting point when analyzing your own Web app or Website.

Remaining in the Internet services and products sphere, our legal advisor will talk about security and privacy in terms of Internet of Things devices. As more and more wearable and domotic devices can collect and transmit sensitive information about ourselves and our habits, the risk that these information are not handled properly in the context of the actual regulation rises.

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