After the summer break and the updates from the recent VMworld in Barcelona, GURU advisor is back with a new issue, new columns and an update sysadmin’s glossary.

This fall issue focuses on Cloud services with an entire article about a comparison of products and providers for email solutions for business scenarios: we have crafted a comparative table with the two main providers -Microsoft and Google- and some competitors which include pricing, versions of the services and related products. We also talk about Stellar Cloud Servers, a 100% italian product for the outsourcing of IT infrastructures specifically conceived to offer scalability and Enterprise-grade reliability.

Then we introduce ZAP, an open source software by OWASP dedicated to penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, with a more technical article. ZAP is a very powerful tool that provides plenty of data and information regarding attack simulations and outcomes that can be hard to interpret, so it’s really suitable for pros only, yet it’s an interesting starting point when analyzing your own Web app or Website.

Remaining in the Internet services and products sphere, our legal advisor will talk about security and privacy in terms of Internet of Things devices. As more and more wearable and domotic devices can collect and transmit sensitive information about ourselves and our habits, the risk that these information are not handled properly in the context of the actual regulation rises.