An interview with Olivier Robinne, Veeam EMEA Vice President

During VMworld Europe 2017 we had a chat about the future development and fate of their product with Olivier Robinne, Veeam EMEA VP.


Veeam’s suite grows every year with updates and new features that make it more and more an Enterprise-grade solutions. And you’re not neglecting italian SMBs.

No, our product maintained a good usability and simplicity through the years which made it suitable for smaller companies too. The Essentials package tries to keep costs low for those without a certain budget available.

During this VMworld there has been a lot of talks about a well-received new feature: the availability of VMware on Amazon Web Services. What is your behaviour about these big cloud players like Amazon and Microsoft? Basically your product can integrate with cloud providers of your network; communicating with S3 requires an Amazon solution (Tape Gateway), so do you plan to support public cloud solutions natively?

Yes, we are heading towards this direction with our development, as the public cloud is more and more used and we will add ways to interface the product directly. We began by choosing a network of providers that use our same hardware in the cloud in order to have a direct interlocutor, also on a local basis, and have the greatest level of integration, thus guaranteeing an efficient and quick transport of data.

Veeam’s suite offers a number of features to monitor VMware: do you believe that this is a sector you’ll further delve into or we can expect no more news?

Monitoring is very important and the choice of VMware specific solutions is not wide.
This feature means a lot to us and we’ll keep on developing it, thus growing horizontally as well.