New versions of Nextcloud are available

Nextcloud is updated by releasing versions 13.0.3 and 12.0.8.

The improvements introduced by the new version include: support to host databases through IPv6, OAuth compatibility, better log system and prohibition management, better management of errors in Workflow and addition of links to privacy policy, always in a GDPR perspective as described in the GDPR Compliance Kit. The changelogs are available at this address.

The iOS client was also updated, which introduces total support with Apple mobile devices.

Please note that version 11 no longer has active support.


Project Honolulu becomes Windows Admin Center and introduces System Insights

Project Honolulu, the new web-based server management system from Microsoft to which we have dedicated an article, updates and changes its name, becoming the Windows Admin Center.

WAC is available to the public as of now and is ready to be used in production; all versions of Windows Server from 2012 on are supported.

System Insights is the new component of Admin Center, available for now in preview mode (will be included in Server 2019), which allows you to take advantage of an AI mechanism to proactively analyze the workloads of resources such as memory, network, disk space and cpu, system events and messages to, among other things, provide predictive analysis of system status, consumption reports, and automatic actions. The compatibility with PowerShell is total and allows aggregating data coming from the hosts within a cluster, in order to have control over the whole infrastructure.

Google Kubernetes Engine 1.10 is available
Google released Kubernetes Engine 1.10, the Google Cloud Platform solution that manages orchestration on its Docker container cloud with Kubernetes.

Among the innovations introduced are the Shared Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for a better control of network resources, Regional Persistent Disks and Regional Clusters for improved high availability (HA) and better SLAs, and auto-repair functions for nodes and cars - pod changer for improved management of infrastructure automation.

Furthermore, since the introduction in 2015, Kubernetes Engine has become business-ready: in 2017 the "core hours" have grown 9 times, in 2016 the stateful applications accounted for 40% of the total workload; Spotify, Philips Lighting and Alpha Vertex are some of the companies that rely on the service.

OpenSSH is installed by default in Windows 10 with Spring Update
The liaison between Windows and the Linux world continues with the arrival of OpenSSH on Windows 10 systems.

In a previous bulletin we talked about the presence of the suite to manage the connections via SSH protocol, but the state was still beta; as seen in an MSDN blog announcement, the Spring Update update enables the client and the key manager by default; the SSH server can be enabled by choosing among the additional features.
More information, including how to use it, can be found in this post on the MSDN blog.