It’s only a month before the new regulation on data protection goes into effect and this new issue of GURU advisor devotes the cover and a detailed article to one of the hottest topics of the moment.

Our lawyer has analyzed several aspects of the GDPR with the goal of providing us with a clear understanding of the fulfillments that will include in an extended and tangible all IT departments and consultants in Europe and most of the world.

As promised in the last issue, an article is devoted to two of the most spectacular and dramatic vulnerabilities of the last few decades: Meltdown and Spectre. We’ve recapped their history, characteristics and actual situation with a couple of remarks on the communication from vendors and manufacturers.

FreeNAS is an operating system we’ve been covering from a long ago, so we cover the new release that includes a new graphical user interface and interesting news under the hood, including several improvements and virtual machines management.

Docker and Container avid readers will like the second part of our introductional guide on the topic, which is about the first practical steps to create and use containers, while waiting for further articles about this new and apparently mysterious technology...