This summer issue of GURUadvisor is about security, be it about IT infrastructures or specific platforms like the renowned CMS WordPress.
In an ever connected world where the barrier between physical and digital gets shallower every day, it’s fundamental to understand the risk one is exposed, so that it’s easier to build an effective defensive system.
Therefore we have dedicated three articles to the matter, starting with a practical guide on how to secure devices of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), which are getting more and more used, and to one of the most used Websites platform: WordPress.

In terms of IT systems for enterprise and business contexts, we have tested on the field the new product by GFI -LanGuard-, a real asset manager to manage patches and updates not only on an operating system level but also for third-party applications.

We will also cover the new FreeNAS release and how the long-awaited release 10 “Corral” had to make way for the successive release 11. We then go on with our monthly bulletins on Cloud and Datacenter, Security and CMS, and our lawyer will talk about Data Breach and the new regulamentation that will be effective with the turn of the year.