Inevitably, the cover of this issue of GURU advisor is dedicated to WannaCry, the ransomware that in the last weeks hit, in an unprecedented and unexpected mode, thousands of users all around the world. The WannaCry attack had such an impact that it was covered also by mainstream news channels and not only by those belonging to the IT world, as it plagued hospitals, transports, universities and companies. Because of that, we have dedicated a whole article to the ransomware where we have tried to analyze the first phases of the diffusion and the modalities of infection and attack.
Those of you that hasn’t secured your own infrastructure yet, you can find all information and references to the updates provided by Microsoft and some interesting information about which exploits have been used to realize all of that.

The importance of patches, updates and regular checks on devices is further highlighted by attacks like the one of a few weeks ago. In this edition we have dedicated an extended article to the Cortado Corporate Server software, a platform aimed to MSP and companies for the MDM management of mobile devices, from where you can control each aspect of terminals, be it a BYOD and a COPE (Corporate Owned - Personally Enabled) context.
The decision of using a platform instead of another represents a delicate phase of the experience of an IT professional: to help you with the choice, after the introductive article to XenServer on the previous issue, we went deeper with a step-by-step guide to the installation and first use of the “alternative” hypervisor to two giants like VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V.

This issue features a particularly rich Columns section, as it has been happening by the beginning of the year, with bulletins about Cloud, Security and CMS. Beside these 3, we have an interesting article by our lawyer which deals with a very delicate topic: providers’ liability, in the case of third parties operate illegally using services provided by the Provider.