Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant” for digital commerce is available.
Gartner, world’s leading in IT consulting, research and analysis services, published its yearly “Magic Quadrant” for digital commerce. The report is available at this address.

Among the most interesting results, an expected yearly growth of 15% from 2015 to 2020 of the digital commerce platforms market, including licences, support and SaaS service; total expenditure will be $9,4 bln by 2020, with 53% coming from on-premises solutions.

73% of companies will almost rely on SaaS services by 2020
A BetterCloud study finds that by 2020 an astonishing 73% of companies will almost completely rely (>80%) on SaaS services, increasing a market worth $119 bln in 2019 (IDC study).
As an average, each company uses 16 SaaS apps, +33% with respect to past year.
BetterCloud, which provides SaaS services, conducted the study on more than 1.800 IT professionals; 38% states that companies they work for runs completely on SaaS with an average of 34 apps used, and 31% states that working in this way helps to increase employees’ satisfaction.

AWS extends Lightsail to other 9 Regions
Amazon extends Lightsail to other 9 Regions and add a global console.
Lightsail, the service presented at last year’s re:Invent, allows to create VPS (Virtual Private Server) with SSD storage, DNS management and static IP address.
The service is now extended to these Regions (10): S East (Northern Virginia), US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), EU (London), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney).
The new console allows to create and managed resources associated to VPS in different Regions within a single interface.

Rackspace acquires TriCore Solutions
Rackspace announces the purchase of TriCore Solutions.
TriCore offers management solutions for Oracle and SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products, and business intelligence and analytics, data warehousing and integration services.
These mission-critical applications are part of the core activities of a business, but most times they are hard and expensive to perform, so companies look for the help of partners that can help them optimizing costs and results.

Jeff Cotten, Rackspace President and CEO, states that “our customers are asking us to move further ‘up the stack’ by expanding our managed application capabilities, TriCore’s services are among the best in that space and are highly complementary to ours. They will help enable us to deliver more of the services that our existing customers need, while opening the door to new opportunities across the globe.

Facebook builds its own private optical fibre network to connect its datacenters
Facebook is building an high-capacity optical fibre network to connect its datacenters in Los Lunas, New Mexico, whose inauguration is expected in 2018, with the other farms that hosts most of its infrastructure. A particular type of fibre channel will be used to increase by 50% the efficiency of actual networks, according to predictions; in particular the same signal will be transmitted 50% farer without using additional amplification systems. The underground cable will be 320 km long.